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Free vibrating screens are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 layers, covering every possible dimension theoretically. They are employed to efficiently separate materials within the plant. The screen’s capacity can vary based on the desired product size. Typically, free vibrating screens operate at an average width of 7 mm. The gradation and moisture content of the material to be screened play a crucial role in determining the screen’s capacity.

These screens feature vibration-resistant ball bearings and an eccentric shaft positioned on the screen body. Eccentric weights at both ends of the shaft drive the elliptical vibration in the front and rear parts of the screen, while circular vibration occurs in the middle section. The vibrating body is supported on the main frame by a substantial number of heavy-duty helical springs.

Technical Information Table

ModelEngine DriveMotor
Need Water
BEO - YH - 600/6000/2600 - 60002x7,5 - 150066 Coupled Engine50 - 8050 - 1206.500
BEO - YH - 7500/7500/2750 - 75002x11 - 150066 Coupled Engine80 - 10060 - 1508.500




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