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BEO MOBILE 60: Mobilizing Concrete Production for Large-Scale Projects

BEO MOBILE 60 mobile concrete batching plants are engineered to cater to the concrete demands of large-scale construction projects. Their mobility and high production capacity make them versatile assets for various construction needs.

Key Usage Areas for BEO MOBILE 60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants:

  1. Highways and Bridges: Large-scale structures like highways and bridges require substantial concrete volumes, a demand that the 60 m3/hour mobile concrete batching plants can readily meet.

  2. Dams and Airports: Projects such as dams and airports often require diverse concrete types and quantities. Mobile plants offer flexibility to address varying concrete needs.

  3. Industrial Facilities: Industrial complexes, known for their vast production areas, can benefit from the high concrete output of 60 m3/h mobile concrete batching plants.

  4. Roads and Parking Structures: Designed for use in various road projects, including parking structures and walkways, these mobile plants offer on-site concrete production and application.

  5. Infrastructure Projects: Large-scale infrastructure projects, including water, sewer, and power line installations, necessitate substantial concrete structures. The 60 m3/hour mobile concrete batching plants provide a rapid and effective solution for such endeavors.

In conclusion, BEO MOBILE 60 mobile concrete batching plants are well-suited for large construction projects in the aforementioned areas.

BEO MOBILE 60 Fully Automatic Mobile Concrete Batching Plant: Elevating Productivity and Reducing Labor

The fully automatic mobile concrete batching plant from BEOMACH represents a technological leap in concrete production. This mobile plant automates all production processes, reducing the need for human intervention, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing labor requirements.

In these fully automatic mobile concrete batching plants, sensors and measuring devices ensure precise mixing of cement, water, aggregate, and additives, maintaining the right ratios. The process is managed through a control panel or touch screen, automatically adjusting concrete quality, proportions, temperatures, and other parameters.

Another notable feature is the high-speed production capability. These plants can continuously and rapidly produce concrete, ensuring that construction projects stay on schedule.

Additionally, the mobile nature of these plants offers the flexibility to transport and install them in various locations, adapting to the specific needs of construction sites.

In conclusion, BEOMACH’s fully automatic mobile concrete batching plants are modern, high-performance concrete production equipment, distinguished by their automatic features and ease of transportation.

Diverse Concrete Types Produced by BEO MOBILE 60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants:

  • Ready-Mixed Concrete: Both single-shaft and double-shaft concrete plants can produce ready-mixed concrete, catering to various construction projects in the region.

  • Self-Leveling Concrete: The planetary mixer concrete batching plants are adept at creating high-quality self-leveling concrete mixes, especially suited for large structures and thicker concrete layers.

  • Lightweight Concrete: Concrete batching plants equipped with planetary and pan mixers are ideal for crafting lightweight concrete mixes, prized for their sound insulation and insulation properties.

  • High-Performance Concrete: Planetary mixer concrete batching plants shine in the production of high-performance concrete mixes, recognized for their durability, sustainability, and longevity.

  • Self-Compacting Concrete: Concrete batching plants with planetary mixers are ideal for self-compacting concrete mixes, offering practical construction, error-free results, and enhanced quality control.

Challenging Climatic Conditions and Precautions:

While BEO MOBILE 60 mobile concrete batching plants are adaptable to various climatic conditions, their performance can be influenced by factors like temperature and humidity. In specific scenarios:

  • Cold Climate Conditions: Measures to prevent freezing and icing may be required, including heating water pipes, controlling mix temperature and humidity, employing foamed concrete, and other protective measures.

  • Hot and Humid Climate Conditions: Special considerations for water consumption, humidity control, and fluidity may be necessary, necessitating cooling systems, irrigation, plasticizers, and ventilation.

  • Extremely Hot and Dry Climates: In desert-like conditions, extra care is essential to prevent concrete mix drying. Specific precautions and equipment may be needed.

In summary, BEO MOBILE 60 mobile concrete batching plants are versatile and adaptable to a range of climatic conditions. However, ensuring concrete quality and production processes in any environment demands suitable precautions and equipment.




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