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Mechanical Stabilization Plant: Reinforce the Ground

Beomach pug mill, also referred to as a pugmill mixer, is a powerful machine that simultaneously grinds and mixes materials with a liquid. This versatile industrial equipment serves critical roles in various industries, including ceramics, cement, and specific phases of concrete and asphalt production.

Beomach pug mills are typically constructed with heavy-duty steel for the body, shafts, and paddles. They cater to a wide range of materials, with applications extending from cement and concrete to asphalt, clay, and various chemical compounds.

This pug mill plays a vital role in industries such as ceramics, cement production, and various stages of concrete and asphalt mixing processes. Notably, a pugmill can operate as a fast continuous mixer. The Beomach continuous pugmill can deliver a perfectly mixed, homogenous blend in mere seconds. The choice of the right machine is crucial and is contingent on considerations like agitation, drive assembly, inlet discharge, construction, and specific mixing and de-airing requirements.

Stationary Mechanical Factories:

Beomach stationary mechanical factories operate at impressive capacities, ranging from 400 to 500 tonnes per hour. These factories are equipped with advanced technologies, ensuring stable mechanical installations, ergonomic designs, and cost-efficiency.

 Components of the fixed mechanical plant include:

  • The feed hopper
  • Tape storage bunker
  • Mixer
  • Automation system
  • Control Chamber

Cold/Wet Mix Plant:

Beomach Cold/Wet Mix Plants are engineered for mechanical stabilization, cement stabilization, and the production of cold asphalt mixtures. These plants offer reliable performance, even under challenging conditions, catering to the varying needs of road, rail, and airport projects.

Stationary and Portable Varieties:
Beomach pug mill plants can be broadly categorized into two types:

Stationary Pug Mills: Large, fixed installations designed for long-term use at a specific location, commonly used in large-scale industrial applications.

Portable Pug Mills: Compact and mobile plants that can be relocated as needed, ideal for projects requiring flexibility, such as construction or road repair.The choice between stationary and portable pug mills depends on the specific project needs and the scale of operations.



Beomach pug mills, or mechanical stabilization plants, find wide application in diverse industries. Their versatility is particularly beneficial in ceramics, cement production, and the construction of concrete and asphalt, where they are used for blending aggregates with bitumen. Additionally, they serve specific roles in the chemical industry and pyrometallurgy.




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