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Asphalt Plant Fiber Granul Dosing System

Asphalt Fiber Additive units are essential for customizing asphalt mixtures beyond standard types. These units seamlessly integrate with every brand and model of asphalt plant, providing essential features for precision and efficiency in asphalt production:

  1. Granular or Powdered Material Addition: These units offer precise dosing, measuring materials in grams, allowing you to create specialized asphalt mixtures like stone mastic, colored asphalt, and elastic flex asphalt with accuracy.

  2. Prescription Automatic Control System: The system ensures that your asphalt mix adheres to the prescribed specifications, delivering consistent quality in every batch.

  3. Quick Installation: Installation is swift and hassle-free, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  4. Simple Piping System: The units come with a straightforward piping system that is easy to use.

These features optimize your asphalt production process, enabling you to create colored asphalt, elastic flex asphalt, and other specialty asphalt types with minimum maintenance costs. The inclusion of a ready-to-use automation panel and PLC further simplifies this process.”




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