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Beomach PMC120 120m3 mobile concrete batching plant is a versatile solution for large construction projects. To use this plant effectively, follow these steps:

Optimal Positioning: Install the switchboard at the most accessible point and ensure all primary resources are in place for secure operation.

Experienced Personnel: Employ trained and experienced operators who use proper protective gear for safe plant operation. Regular training is essential for maintaining quality and safety.

Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance ensures equipment longevity and smooth operations. It minimizes disruptions and prevents irregularities in the switchboard’s operation.

Proper Production: Choose the right concrete mix to ensure efficient production of high-quality concrete, taking full advantage of the plant’s capabilities.

Effective Storage: Correctly store the produced concrete to ensure safe handling and trouble-free use.

By following these steps, you can ensure high-quality concrete production and efficient construction projects with the Beomach 120m3 mobile concrete batching plant.


To be considered a high-quality and user-friendly concrete batching plant, the Beomach 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant must possess the following features:

User-Friendly Interface: The switchboard interface should be intuitive and easy to use. It should enable efficient operation on construction projects, with clear navigation and quick task completion.

Reliable Performance: Ensure that the switchboard consistently produces high-quality concrete. It should include checks and tests to notify users of any errors or issues.

Flexibility: The switchboard should be adaptable for different construction projects. Its high mobility should allow users to transition between projects with ease.

Easy Maintenance: The switchboard should be designed for user-friendly daily and weekly maintenance. Maintenance and repair operations should be planned to minimize time and effort.

User Support: The provider should offer a user support system for quick problem resolution and to answer questions.


Beomach Fully automatic 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant is equipped with an automatic PLC control system, sensors, meters, and cameras for efficient and automated concrete production. The installation process can take several months, involving these key steps:

Site Selection: Choose a suitable location and obtain necessary permits. Prepare the site with infrastructure studies.

Equipment Transportation and Assembly: Transport all plant components to the installation site and have technicians assemble them.

Electrical Connections: Certified technicians make all electrical connections, including the installation of the main board for PLC control.

Testing and Adjustment: Perform thorough testing to ensure all components function correctly and all parameters are set.

Commissioning: Train users in operation, maintenance, and repair procedures, and commission the plant for use.

The payback period for the Beomach Fully automatic 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant depends on factors like frequency of use, duration of use, and concrete production costs. It’s essential to consider project characteristics and other costs for an accurate calculation. Typically, a mobile concrete batching plant pays for itself in 2-4 years, but this can vary based on regional factors, culture, expenditures, and profit expectations.

In summary, determining the payback period for the 120 M3/hour mobile concrete batching plant requires a comprehensive analysis considering usage frequency, capacity efficiency, construction costs, and other expenses.




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