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Dewatering Screen and Hydrocyclon

Experience superior efficiency with Beomach’s Mobile Dewatering Screen and Hydrocyclone, essential elements of their advanced mobile crushing and screening plants.

Tailored for the construction and mining sectors, this system ensures precise classification and separation of materials. It stands out in dewatering and fines separation, guaranteeing a reliable, market-ready product. Designed for user convenience, it boasts hydraulic legs for effortless positioning and a durable build for resilience in demanding environments.

MODELMaximum Capacity (mtph)Water Rewulrenment (m3/h)Cyclone Diameter (mm)Screen Motor Power (kW)Dewatering Screen Size (mm)Pump Size (Inch)
BEO-I-IC-7070140 - 2505002 x 3,61200 x 24008" / 6"
BEO-I-IC-100100200 - 3506602 x 7,51800 x 24008" / 6"
BEO-I-IC-150150300 - 450 2 x 5002 x 7,51800 x 240010" / 8"
BEO-I-IC-22002206002 x 6602 x 91800 x 4000
BEO-I-IC-25002507502 x 6602 x 91800 x 400012" / 10"

Bucket Washer/ Dewaterer and Classificator

Explore innovation with Beomach’s Mobile Bucket Washer/Dewaterer and Classificator, integral components of their advanced mobile crushing and screening plants.

Renowned for cutting-edge technology, Beomach provides a comprehensive solution for cleaning, dewatering, and classifying materials in construction, mining, and aggregate industries. Its user-friendly design, featuring hydraulic legs, ensures easy setup and operation, guaranteeing high throughput without compromising on output quality.

MODELMotor (kW)Capacity (m3/h)Bucket Size (mm)Wheel Speed (rpm)Wheel Diameter (mm)Number of Buckets
BEO-KY-805,580-90800 x 5502,53.00040
BEO-KY-1007,51000 x 5501000 x 5502,53.00040

Log Washer and Scrubber: Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency

Discover unparalleled material processing capabilities with Beomach’s Fine Material Washer, showcasing engineering excellence and innovation.

The advanced Spiral Classificator and Screw Washer redefine efficiency for diverse materials. Tailored for sand classification and dewatering, it excels in washing, classifying, and handling fine materials while efficiently scrubbing clays and silts. Prioritizing superior cleaning and durability, its replaceable paddles and adjustable features cater to diverse washing needs. Beomach’s Fine Material Washer ensures power, efficiency, and reliability in precision material processing.

MODELDimensionMotor (rpm)Weight (kg)
BEO-LW-20502000 X 500037,5 / 15009000
BEO-LW-20602000 X 600045 / 150012000
BEO-LW-20702000 X 70002 X 55 / 150018500

Fine Material Washer, Spiral Classificator, Screw Washer

Beomach’s Fine Material Washer redefines material processing with its cutting-edge Spiral Classificator and Screw Washer, showcasing unparalleled engineering.

Tailored for sand classification and dewatering, this tool efficiently handles fine materials, offering unmatched versatility. Prioritizing high-level cleaning for various substances, including sand, gravel, and minerals, it features replaceable wear-resistant paddles and adjustable components for optimal performance and longevity. With a heavy-duty design ensuring precision and efficiency, Beomach’s Fine Material Washer guarantees exceptional power, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for diverse material processing needs.

MODELSize (Dia x L) (mmxmm)Machine Weight (kg/lbs)Max Material (mm)Power (kW/hp)Capacity(mtph/stph)Water Consumption (lpm/cmh)Speed (rpm)
BEO-SW-9060900 x 60006,4520 / 14,1301011 / 1523-91 / 25-1002,275 / 16410 - 21
BEO-SW-11101100 X 1000010,190 / 22,4201018 / 2536-159 / 40-1756,518 / 3918 - 17
BEO-SW-14101400 X 1000014,530 / 31,9701030 / 4064-249 / 70-2757,321 / 4757 - 14
BEO-SW-16101600 X 1000018,570 / 40,8601045 / 6091-363 / 100-4009,816 / 5895 - 11
BEO-TSW-9070900 x 700011,300 /24,8601011x / 15x245-180 / 50-2004,737 /28410 - 21
BEO-TSW-11101100 X 1000018,860 / 41,4901018 / 25x272-318 / 80-35010,612 / 6368 - 17
BEO-TSW-14101400 X 1000025,610 /56,3401030x / 40x2128-498 / 140-55014,023 / 8417 - 14
BEO-TSW-14141400 X 1400041,930 / 92,2501055x / 60x2182-726 / 200-80016,581 / 9945 - 11
BEO-TSW-18141800X1400053,830 / 118,4301055x / 75x2215-862 / 237-95019,101 / 1,1455 - 11

Coarse Material Washer: Efficient Material Cleaning

Unlock superior processing capabilities with Beomach’s Coarse Material Washer, an innovative solution for advanced sand and gravel processing.

As an industry leader, Beomach prioritizes innovation, delivering reliable and high-quality solutions. Specializing in cleaning, classification, and dewatering of coarser fractions, this washer enhances output quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and business growth. Built for high-capacity processing, it utilizes powerful scrubbing technology for impurity removal, resulting in top-notch end products meeting industry standards. Key features include replaceable heavy-duty paddles, an adjustable weir plate for water volume control, and a user-friendly design for seamless installation and maintenance.

MODELSize (Dia x L) (mmxmm)Machine Weight (kg)Max Material (mm)Power (kW/hp)Capacity(mtph/stph)Water Consumption (lpm/cmh)Speed (rpm)
BEO-LW-3630900 x 90019,5007590 / 11050-125 / 55-1381,890 / 11316 - 32
BEO-LW-3635900 X 11,00022,80075110 / 11050-125 / 55-1381,890 / 11316 - 32
BEO-LW-44301,000 X 8,80027,500102110 / 16075-175 / 83-1932,840 / 17013 - 26
BEO-LW-44351,000 X 11,0031,950102160 / 16075-175 / 83-1982,840 / 17013 - 26

Deep Cone Thickener Tanks

Experience efficient solids separation with Beomach’s Deep Cone Thickener Tanks, specially designed for diverse industries.

With a unique cone-shaped bottom and advanced supernatant withdrawal system, these tanks ensure superior sedimentation and underflow density.Ideal for mining, wastewater treatment, and chemical processing, they offer high-capacity settlement and effective sludge dewatering. Components include a cone-shaped tank, feed well, settling and clarification zones, and control panels.

Beomach distinguishes itself with continuous R&D, robust after-sales support, and customizable configurations, ensuring innovation and customer satisfaction. Optimize waste management and reduce operating costs with Beomach’s reliable Deep Cone Thickener Tanks.

Rake Thickener Systems

Discover efficient slurry thickening with Beomach’s Rake Thickener Systems, designed for superior solid-liquid separation in diverse industries.

These specialized systems employ rotating rakes for effective sedimentation and thickening, ensuring enhanced underflow density with minimal water content. Ideal for mining, mineral processing, and wastewater treatment, they offer advantages like high-capacity tanks, reduced operating costs, and advanced feedwell designs. Components include a thickening tank, drive unit, rake arms, underflow discharge mechanisms, and control panels.

Beomach excels with continuous R&D, robust after-sales support, and customizable configurations, ensuring innovation and customer satisfaction. Step into the future of slurry thickening with Beomach’s reliable and innovative Rake Thickener Systems.

Filter Press Systems

Embark on efficient solid-liquid separation with Beomach’s Filter Press Systems, optimized for diverse industries.

These systems use pressure to separate solids, allowing liquid to pass through while retaining solid particles as a filter cake. Ideal for mining, chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and food processing, Filter Press Systems offer advantages like efficient filtration, high-capacity processing, and enhanced cake solids recovery. Components include a frame, hydraulic system, filter plates, feed pump, and control panels. Beomach excels with continuous R&D, robust after-sales support, and customizable configurations, ensuring innovation and customer satisfaction. Experience the future of solid-liquid separation with Beomach’s reliable and innovative Filter Press Systems.

Compact Sand Washing Plants

Discover efficient sand cleaning and classification with Beomach’s Compact Sand Washing Plants, designed for optimal high-quality sand production across diverse industries.

These plants cleanse and classify sands, removing impurities and dewatering material. Ideal for construction, mining, and concrete production, they offer advantages like space-saving design, low water consumption, and versatile applications. Components include a feed hopper, sand washing unit, hydrocyclones, dewatering screens, and water treatment systems. Beomach excels with continuous R&D, robust after-sales support, and customizable configurations, ensuring innovation and customer satisfaction. Step into the future of sand cleaning and classification with Beomach’s reliable and innovative Compact Sand Washing Plants.

Recycling Plant for Sand or Rubble

Built with high-strength steel and advanced technology, Beomach’s Recycling Plant is tailored to withstand the rigors of construction and demolition sites. Every section is optimized for peak performance, achieving a harmonious blend of resilience and efficiency.

Versatility defines the plant’s applications, excelling in the processing of construction and demolition waste. It efficiently transforms concrete debris, tiles, bricks, and stones into reusable aggregates, making it a valuable asset for urban redevelopment, roadwork, and large-scale demolition projects.

Water Treatment Plant for Recycling Plants

Introducing Beomach’s innovative Water Treatment Plant for Recycling Plants, a hallmark of water purification excellence in sustainable waste management.

Crafted with precision and corrosion-resistant materials, this plant caters to recycling operations of all scales, offering advanced filtration and sedimentation technologies in a closed-loop system. It ensures efficient, automated, and waste-minimizing operation, benefiting stakeholders with reduced freshwater usage, lower costs, regulatory compliance, and an enhanced corporate image. Components include filtration units, chemical treatment stations, sludge dewatering systems, automated dosing controls, and quality monitoring sensors. Beomach provides seamless installation, spare parts support, and distinguishes itself with custom-tailored solutions, superior water recovery rates, smart technology integration, and durable components.