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Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants

Beomach Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants seamlessly blends polymers with bitumen, enhancing its properties, including elasticity, deformation resistance, and overall strength.

Beomach PMB is indispensable in high-performance road construction for durable road surfaces. It’s also crucial in the roofing industry and wherever waterproofing and long-lasting solutions are paramount.

Within our advanced Beomach PMB plants, bitumen and polymers are expertly mixed and heated, often utilizing a colloid mill, ensuring a precise, homogeneous blend. The exact heating and mixing conditions are tailored to the specific polymer-bitumen combination in use.

Beomach, as a manufacturer, remains steadfastly committed to quality, efficiency, innovation, and the delivery of exceptional customer service, establishing its PMB plant as one of the globe’s finest.

Precision and Control: Top-tier Beomach PMB plants offer meticulous temperature and mixing controls, ensuring accurate production.

Storage and Capacity: These plants feature high-capacity storage, catering to efficient and safe operations, with designs ranging from 5-20tph for varying production needs.

Quality and Durability: Constructed for long-term reliability, Beomach employs high-quality materials, adheres to industry standards, and continually innovates to enhance performance and efficiency.

Fuel Flexibility: Heating systems can use natural gas, diesel, or electricity, offering versatility and adaptability to the user’s requirements.

Emission Efficiency: Emission levels are contingent on the fuel type and combustion efficiency, emphasizing the commitment to environmental responsibility.

Indirect Heating: Beomach PMB plants employ indirect heating methods, preventing direct contact between the flame and bitumen to preserve product integrity.

Differentiators: Beomach PMB plants stand out through their unwavering commitment to high quality, consistent performance, and user-friendly control systems, ensuring efficient operation and backed by exceptional after-sales service for customer satisfaction.




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