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Stationary Batch Type Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

Beomach’s stationary hot mix asphalt plant represents a fixed asphalt production facility, continuously delivering high-quality hot mix asphalt. It’s tailored for large-scale asphalt production projects, boasting a capacity range of 40 to 400 tph.

Key Functions of Beomach’s Stationary Asphalt Plant:

1. Aggregate Storage and Handling: The plant incorporates robust storage bins and silos for the systematic storage of aggregates in various sizes. These aggregates are meticulously organized and fed into the plant for processing.

2. Drying and Heating: Within the plant, aggregates undergo a meticulous drying and heating process in a drum or dryer to eliminate moisture and achieve the precise temperature necessary for optimal asphalt mixing.

3. Asphalt Binder Storage and Heating: Specially designed storage tanks within the plant store the asphalt binder, maintaining it at the exact temperature required before its integration with the aggregates.

4. Mixing: Beomach’s plant expertly blends the heated aggregates with the asphalt binder, producing superior hot mix asphalt. The mixing process can be executed in either a batch or continuous mode, depending on the plant’s specifications.

5. Storage and Loadout: The final hot mix asphalt is carefully stored in silos or storage bins, ready for efficient loading onto trucks for transportation to the construction site.

Applications of Beomach’s Stationary Asphalt Plants:

Beomach’s stationary asphalt plants are instrumental in a multitude of applications, including road construction, highway projects, airport runways, expansive parking lots, and a wide range of large-scale asphalt paving endeavors.

  1. A Fundamental Indicator of a Well-Designed Beomach Asphalt Plant:

    The hallmark of a top-tier Beomach asphalt plant is its capacity to consistently produce premium-quality asphalt mixes that not only meet but exceed stipulated requirements. Factors such as efficient heating and drying, pinpoint proportioning, meticulous mixing, and cutting-edge control systems contribute to the excellence of Beomach’s asphalt plants. Durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance are additional hallmarks of Beomach’s asphalt plants.




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