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The BEO 60 COMPACT, a high-quality 60 M3 compact concrete batching plant, offers numerous benefits:

  1. High Production Capacity: Quickly supplies concrete for large and complex construction projects.

  2. Efficient Construction: Technical features, including molds and pumps, streamline concrete pouring, increasing speed without sacrificing quality.

  3. Automatic Quality Control: Maintains consistently high concrete quality, ensuring excellent results in construction projects.

  4. Compact and Portable: Its space-saving design allows easy transportation, installation, and disassembly, providing mobility.

  5. Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly: Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design options reduce operating costs, resulting in savings.

  6. Durability and Quality: Proper care ensures a long-lasting and consistently high-quality product.

These qualities make the 60 M3 compact concrete batching plant the preferred choice for construction companies and contractors.

This plant can utilize various additives, cements, and aggregates, influencing concrete properties:

  • Cement: Options include ordinary portland cements, blast furnace slag cements, and reactive powder additive cements, each impacting concrete properties differently.

  • Water: High-quality, clean water is vital, as it reacts with cement and aggregate to determine concrete’s durability and properties.

  • Liquid Additives: Special liquid additives like deaerators, water reducers, plasticizers, and antifreezes can enhance concrete properties. Experienced concrete experts should carefully select and use these additives.

  • Sand: The type of sand used affects concrete durability and porosity. Typically, concrete plants use perfectly graded washed or natural sand.

  • Aggregate: The choice of aggregate, including granite, gravel, crushed stone, and basalt, influences concrete properties such as durability, firmness, and breaking strength.

For a 60 M3 capacity concrete plant, the ideal mixer type is a twin-shaft horizontal mixer. This type offers efficient mixing compared to vertical mixers, ensuring optimum performance for high-quality concrete production.

Double shaft mixers are equipped with two horizontal shafts that rotate in opposite directions inside the mixing bowl. This ensures a homogeneous concrete mixture in both directions, while also providing a higher capacity and faster mixing, reducing project completion time. However, the selection of the mixer type should align with each project’s unique requirements.

Key components of a BEO 60 COMPACT  concrete batching plant include:

  • Aggregate Bunker: Storage for sand, gravel, and other aggregate materials.

  • Cement Bunker: One or more bunkers for cement, depending on the storage capacity.

  • Tanks for Water and Chemical Additives: Store water and chemical additives, which are mixed with concrete through dosing systems.

  • Concrete Mixer: The primary component for preparing the concrete mixture. Twin-shaft horizontal mixers offer optimal performance for high-quality concrete production, with higher capacity and more efficient mixing.

  • Conveyors: Transport aggregates and cement to the concrete mixer and facilitate the loading of ready-mixed concrete into trucks or other transport vehicles.

  • Control Unit: A central system that controls and monitors all switchboard functions.

While the plant’s components may vary in structure, they generally include these elements, providing all the equipment and systems necessary for high-quality concrete production.




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