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The BEO series of jaw crushers, regarded as impact crushers with adjustable jaws, are capable of breaking materials with moderate to high hardness, such as limestone, dolomite, granite, and basalt. Their ability to process coarse materials, produce cubic products, maintain a high reduction ratio, operate at high capacities, and incur low investment and operating costs has positioned them as ideal secondary crushers in crushing and screening facilities.

Stones fed into the crusher are initially impacted by the rotor hammers in the first region, initiating the first crushing stage. This region is characterized by high pressure and crushing power, capable of even breaking very hard materials. The desired sizes of the crushed material pass through the second region, where the material undergoes another crushing stage and is further reduced in size. Subsequently, the material passes through the third and final region, where the last stage of the crushing process occurs. At this point, the material reaches its smallest size, which the machine is designed to handle effectively.

Technical Information Table

ModelRotor Size (mmxmm)Rotor Rotation (ton/hour)Max Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (ton/hour)Motor (kW/rpm)Weight (kgs)
BEO - PST - O1Ø 1125 x 1000600 - 740100 - 200120 - 150160 - 150019.500
BEO - PST - O2Ø 1125 x 1250600 - 740150 - 250150 - 250200 - 150021.500
BEO - PST - O3Ø 1125 x 1500600 - 740200 - 300250 - 400250 x 150026.500
BEO - SDK - 1415Ø 1400 x 1500600 - 740300 - 500400 - 550315 - 150031.500




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