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Mobile Material, Sand, Gravel, Soil Dosing And Blending Hopper

Are you looking for a versatile material bunker for your construction needs?

Our material bunkers are designed to efficiently mix and combine various materials like earth, sand, and gravel in precise proportions, making them ideal for applications such as asphalt production and soil-stabilized road construction.

Key Features:

1. Customizable Configuration: We tailor the number of material hoppers and capacities to meet your specific requirements.

2. Multi-Material Compatibility: Our bunkers can accommodate 4-5-6 different materials simultaneously, ensuring flexibility in your mixing processes. With dosing belts and frequency converters, you can easily control the mixing speed to achieve the desired consistency.

3. Mobile or Fixed Options: Choose between mobile or fixed configurations to suit your project’s mobility and operational needs.

4. Asphalt Plant Integration: Our material bunkers can seamlessly serve as cold feed bins/hoppers in asphalt plants, enhancing their material handling capabilities.

5. Soil Bending Plant Compatibility: They also excel as feeding hoppers and dosing hoppers in mechanical soil-bending plant installations, streamlining the soil stabilization process.

At Beomach, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our team designs solutions tailored to your specifications, ensuring fast delivery and top-quality production. Contact us today to discuss your material mixing needs!




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