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BEOMACH 100m3 mobile concrete batching plants are an exceptional choice for various construction needs. These versatile mobile concrete plants offer a range of advantages:

Efficiency: Well-designed and high-quality 100m3 mobile concrete plants ensure efficient operations, leading to on-time project completion and cost savings.

High-Quality Concrete Production: These plants can produce a variety of concrete types to meet specific project requirements, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Rapid Installation: Their portability and quick installation make them ideal for time-sensitive projects, helping businesses save valuable time.

Minimal Maintenance and Operating Cotss: With high-quality components, these plants require minimal maintenance and operate at low costs, increasing equipment lifespan.

Environmentally Friendly: Equipped with eco-friendly technologies, these plants reduce environmental impact, promoting sustainability.

Cost-Efficiency: The initial investment in a high-quality 100m3 mobile concrete batching plant can lead to long-term cost savings.

BEOMACH 100m3/hour mobile concrete batching plants offer a unique solution for construction projects, distinguished by their:

Weather and Climate Adaptability: These plants can be designed to withstand harsh conditions, including cold/frosty weather, hot/humid conditions, and strong winds/storms.

For cold conditions, heating systems prevent freezing of water pipes.
Dehumidification systems are used for hot and humid weather.
Adhesive concrete production can prevent structural damage during wind and storms.

Mixer Options: The choice of mixer type can be tailored to the project’s requirements:

Double shaft mixer for high-capacity, high-quality concrete mixes.
Single-shaft mixer for smaller, high-quality concrete batches.


BEOMACH 100m3/hour mobile concrete batching plants stand out due to:

High Production Capacity: These plants excel in large-scale construction projects by offering greater production capacity compared to other mobile plants.

Portability: They emphasize portability while being able to handle substantial loads, enabling easy transport to construction sites alongside other equipment.

Automation: These plants are highly automated, ensuring a streamlined production process with minimal human intervention, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Quality Control: Equipped with quality control systems, these plants maintain consistent concrete quality and promptly identify any issues.

Applications: They are the preferred choice for large-scale construction projects like bridges, dams, factories, and infrastructure facilities.

In conclusion, BEOMACH 100m3/hour mobile concrete batching plants are the go-to choice for large-scale construction projects due to their exceptional features, including high production capacity, portability, automation, and quality control. Their adaptability to different weather conditions and eco-friendly options further enhance their appeal.




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