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The BEO SC 100 is a stationary concrete batching plant with a capacity to produce 100 cubic meters of high-quality concrete per hour. It is ideal for large construction projects, offering numerous advantages that optimize productivity and efficiency.


High Capacity: Produces 100 cubic meters of concrete per hour.
Quality Concrete Production: Ensures the production of high-quality concrete.
Labor and Time Savings: Reduces the number of workers and accelerates project completion.
Minimal Waste: Precisely produces the required concrete, minimizing waste.
Reduced Operating Costs: Offers economic benefits compared to other production methods.

BEO SC 100 stationary concrete batching plants find utility in various construction projects, including:

  • Dams and Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Tall Buildings and Bridges
  • Road Construction
  • Tunnel Construction
  • City Infrastructure Projects
  • Industrial Buildings

Seasonal Adaptations:

BEO SC 100 plants are equipped for both summer and winter applications:

Summer: Designed for high-temperature operation with cooling and sun protection systems.
Winter: Equipped for cold weather with heating and durable aggregate materials.

Specific Applications:

Road Construction: Summer application for large areas.
Bridge Construction: Ensures high-quality concrete for bridges.
Dam Construction: Preferred for quality concrete in large dam projects.
Environmental Projects: Used in landscaping and landscaping projects.
Port Construction: Ideal for reinforced concrete piers.

BEO SC 100 stationary concrete batching plants play a crucial role in accelerating various construction projects by offering high production capacity and adaptability to seasonal changes.




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