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The Beomach BEO 100 is a compact concrete batching plant with a 100 m3/hour capacity, making it an ideal choice for concrete subcontractors, construction companies, and similar customers. This plant is designed for high-capacity concrete production, and it includes the following key components:

Aggregate Hopper: This section stores sand, gravel, and other aggregate materials.

Cement Bunker: It contains one or more bunkers for cement storage.

Water and Chemical Additive Tanks: These tanks store water and chemical additives, which are mixed with the concrete through dosing systems.

Concrete Mixer: The central component where the concrete mixture is prepared. It is equipped with a large mixing chamber and a high-quality twin-shaft horizontal mixer.

Conveyors: These transport aggregate and cement to the concrete mixer and facilitate the loading of ready-mixed concrete into trucks or other transport vehicles.

Control Unit: The central system for controlling and monitoring all functions of the plant.

A Beomach 100 m3/hour concrete batching plant is well-suited for large construction projects, as it covers the entire concrete production process while accelerating concrete mixing and delivery.

Installation of a fully automatic 100 M3/h compact concrete batching plant involves the following steps:

Site Selection: Choose a suitable and stable location for the installation, ensuring a flat and solid surface. Access to water supply, power grid, and proper underground lines is essential.

Frame Installation: Mount the plant’s frame on the foundation to provide structural support for all plant components.

Bunker Installation: Place and connect aggregate and cement storage tanks.

Mixer Installation: Mount the concrete mixer, a crucial component for plant operation.

Conveyor Installation: Set up the conveyor system for transporting aggregate and cement to the mixer chamber.

Water and Chemical Additive Tanks Installation: Assemble the water and chemical additive storage tanks by connecting all their components.

Electrical and Control Systems Installation: Install all control units and electrical systems required for full automation.

Testing and Commissioning: After installation, initiate a trial phase. Conduct multiple tests to ensure all components are functioning correctly.

With these steps completed, the installation of a fully automatic 100 M3/h compact concrete batching plant is finished. Additionally, establish maintenance and repair procedures to maintain system integrity and efficiency.

The Beomach Fully automatic 100 M3/h compact concrete batching plant is designed to mix concrete by weight, prepare it, and store it in a hygienic environment using predetermined concrete mixture formulas. Equipped with advanced technology, this plant optimizes the concrete production process for speed and quality. The fully automatic control system ensures that production adheres to standards efficiently, making it a reliable choice for high-quality concrete production in construction projects.

A Beomach 100m3 compact concrete batching plant is most effective when it includes the following features:

Automatic Control System: An automatic control system ensures precision and minimizes human error in the production process.

High-Power Mixer: A powerful mixer ensures homogeneous mixing of concrete, leading to a high-quality final product.

High Efficiency: A plant with high efficiency minimizes material costs and maximizes production capacity.

Portability: A plant designed for easy transportation can swiftly adapt to different project locations.

Ease of Maintenance: A user-friendly maintenance and cleaning system reduces downtime and supports continuous production.

Integrated Systems and Modules: Integrated and modular systems offer flexibility, expandability, and rapid setup.

These features make a compact concrete plant highly practical for producing high-quality concrete while ensuring ease of use.




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