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Vertical Shaft Crushers are classified in two sub-groups, including Open Rotor and Closed Rotor.

Closed Rotor Vertical Shaft Crushers are generally tertiary crushers with a high sand ratio and high cubic ratio, which are used to obtain 0,5 mm sand and stone chips by crushing all kinds of hard and abrasive materials such as basalt, granite, dolomite.

Open Rotor Vertical Shaft Crushers are generally secondary and tertiary crushers with high sand ratio and high cubic ratio, which are used to obtain 0,5 mm sand and stone chips by crushing low abrasive materials such as limestone.

The feature that separates the open rotor vertical shaft crushers from closed rotor vertical shaft crushers is the large material feeding size and its high capacity.

The Crushing process is carried out by throwing the feeding material that feeds by the feeding tank of the crusher, to Anvil plate which is in the crushing tank by means of a high-speed rotating rotor and with rubbing stone to stone. Because of crusher crushes the material by rubbing Stone to Stone and feed the crusher with this material, spare parts consumption is very economical.

Technical Information Table

ModelRotor Size (mm)Max. Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (ton/hour)Motor (kW/rpm)Rotor Rotation (ton/hour)
BEO - TK - 1408Ø 1400 x 86015080 - 150185 - 1500780
BEO - TK - 1412Ø 1400 x 120015080 - 200250 - 1500780




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