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Mobile Hot Mix Batch Type Asphalt Plants

Beomach’s mobile or portable hot mix asphalt plant represents a highly versatile solution for asphalt production. Designed for effortless transport and quick setup at various job sites, these plants offer a distinct advantage over stationary counterparts. Beomach’s mobile plants can be rapidly assembled, disassembled, and relocated as project needs dictate, boasting capacities ranging from 40 to 160 tph based on design.

Key Functions of Beomach’s Mobile/Portable Asphalt Plant:

  1. Aggregate Storage and Handling: Beomach’s mobile plants feature storage bins or silos for the orderly storage of aggregates of varying sizes. These aggregates are meticulously organized and fed into the plant for processing.

  2. Drying and Heating: Within the plant, aggregates undergo precise drying and heating within a drum or dryer, eliminating moisture and reaching the precise temperature required for optimal asphalt mixing.

  3. Asphalt Binder Storage and Heating: Beomach’s mobile plants incorporate storage tanks for the asphalt binder, maintaining it at the specified temperature before its integration with the aggregates.

  4. Mixing: The plant blends the heated aggregates and asphalt binder to produce hot mix asphalt. This process can be executed in a batch or continuous mode, aligning with the plant’s specific design.

  5. Storage and Loadout: The final hot mix asphalt is temporarily stored in storage silos or bins, awaiting seamless loading onto trucks for transportation.

Applications of Beomach’s Hot Mix Mobile/Portable Asphalt Plants:

Beomach’s hot mix mobile/portable asphalt plants serve a spectrum of applications comparable to stationary plants, including road construction, highway projects, temporary construction sites, and projects necessitating frequent relocation.

To claim distinction as a world-class manufacturer of mobile/portable asphalt plants, Beomach prioritizes showcasing expertise in designing and producing top-tier plants, cultivating a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, offering unparalleled after-sales service and support, and pioneering innovative solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Specific specifications and features of high-performance, high-capacity Beomach mobile/portable asphalt plants may vary based on manufacturers and specific models.

Fuel types utilized in Beomach’s mobile/portable asphalt plants encompass diesel, natural gas, and heavy oil. Emission figures hinge on the efficiency of pollution control devices and adherence to local environmental standards. Compliance with local regulations is imperative while selecting a plant that minimizes emissions.

Key Components of Beomach’s Mobile/Portable Asphalt Plant Include:

  • Cold feed bins
  • Drying drum
  • Asphalt binder storage tanks
  • Mixing unit
  • Advanced control system
  • Storage silos
  • Pollution control devices

A Pivotal Indicator of Beomach’s Asphalt Plant Success:

The hallmark of an exemplary Beomach asphalt plant, whether mobile or portable, rests in its unwavering ability to consistently produce top-notch asphalt mixes that not only adhere to but surpass stipulated requirements. Additional indicators encompass efficient heating and drying, pinpoint proportioning, meticulous mixing, dependable control systems, and streamlined maintenance and operation.




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