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Wet Processing – Washing

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES WET PROCESSING – WASHING WET PROCESSING – WASHING Dewatering Screen and Hydrocyclon Experience superior efficiency with Beomach’s Mobile Dewatering Screen and Hydrocyclone, essential elements of their advanced mobile crushing and screening plants. Tailored for the construction and mining sectors, this system ensures precise classification and separation of materials. It stands out […]

Cone Crusher

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES CONE CRUSHER CONE CRUSHER Explore a realm of high-performance crushing solutions through our cone crushers – indispensable tools across diverse industries, from mining and aggregate production to sand manufacturing and recycling. We take pride in deploying some of the most reputable brands, such as Sandvik, Metso, Terex, and other highly efficient […]

Belt Conveyor

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES BELT CONVEYOR BELT CONVEYOR Belt conveyors serve as the primary transmission component in mining operations. They are crafted in diverse widths and lengths, tailored to accommodate the required capacity and transmission distance. Belt conveyors are available in widths ranging from 500 to 1200 mm and can be customized to meet specific […]

Vibrating Feeders

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES VIBRATING FEEDERS VIBRATING FEEDERS Vibrating Feeders efficiently handle the feeding and storage of various materials. The standard bunker volume is adjustable to meet specific requirements. These feeders serve multiple purposes, including feeding, storage, intermediate storage, and loading materials onto trucks. Their feeding mechanism involves a precise motion with double vibration motors. […]

Stock Bunker

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES STOCK BUNKER STOCK BUNKER Stock bunkers efficiently gather and store crushed materials. They feature pneumatic-controlled covers that prevent material spillage during loading onto trucks. In addition to our standard stock bunkers, we offer custom options tailored to your desired volume and size requirements. Technical Information Table Edit Model Body Size (mmxmm) […]

Screw Sand Washer

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES SCREW SAND WASHER SCREW SAND WASHER Materials are agitated and water is directed in the opposite direction inside a curved channel-shaped body through the rotation of a shaft covered with rubber. The fine mud suspended in the water settles in pools on either side of this channel, effectively removing impurities from […]

Vibrating Screen

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES VIBRATING SCREEN VIBRATING SCREEN Free vibrating screens are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 layers, covering every possible dimension theoretically. They are employed to efficiently separate materials within the plant. The screen’s capacity can vary based on the desired product size. Typically, free vibrating screens operate at an average width […]

Horizontal Vibrating Screen

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES HORIZONTAL VIBRATING SCREEN HORIZONTAL VIBRATING SCREEN Horizontal screens excel in reliable operation, even under demanding conditions. Their design enables the attainment of peak efficiency and superior product quality, facilitated by an elliptic impact action powered by a robust double drive system and supported by eight bearings. Horizontal screens seamlessly blend quality […]

Secondary Crusher

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES SECONDARY CRUSHER SECONDARY CRUSHER The BEO series of jaw crushers, regarded as impact crushers with adjustable jaws, are capable of breaking materials with moderate to high hardness, such as limestone, dolomite, granite, and basalt. Their ability to process coarse materials, produce cubic products, maintain a high reduction ratio, operate at high […]

Vertical Shaft Crusher

CRUSHING & SCREENING MACHINES VERTICAL SHAFT CRUSHER VERTICAL SHAFT CRUSHER Vertical Shaft Crushers are classified in two sub-groups, including Open Rotor and Closed Rotor. Closed Rotor Vertical Shaft Crushers are generally tertiary crushers with a high sand ratio and high cubic ratio, which are used to obtain 0,5 mm sand and stone chips by crushing […]