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Planetary Mixer

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS PLANETARY MIXER PLANETARY MIXER Polygonmach is thrilled to present our cutting-edge product, the Planet Mixer – a high-performance mixing equipment tailored for the construction industry and crafted with the latest technology. The Planetary Mixer is intricately designed to ensure the homogeneous mixing of high-quality building materials. Featuring a central rotating body with […]

Pan Mixer

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS PAN MIXER PAN MIXER As a valued addition to our successful product lineup at Beomach, we are delighted to introduce the Pan Mixer—an efficient solution for blending concrete, aggregates, and various building materials. The Pan Mixer features a spacious and durable mixing chamber with paddles strategically positioned beneath the rotating mixing surface, […]

Single Shaft Mixer

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS SINGLE SHAFT MIXER SINGLE SHAFT MIXER Beomach Single Shaft Mixers are meticulously designed for the production of ready-mix concrete and various concrete types ranging from C10 to C40. Featuring a robust helical design, these mixers offer low maintenance requirements, minimal abrasion, and an extended lifespan. Key features include paddles, pallets, and helical […]

Twin Shaft Mixer

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS TWIN SHAFT MIXER TWIN SHAFT MIXER At Beomach, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge, efficient, and durable equipment to our valued customers. Our Twin Shaft Mixer stands out as a preferred choice in our product range, specifically engineered to enhance efficiency and quality in concrete production processes. The Twin Shaft Mixer is […]

BEO Mobile Sand Making Plants

CONCRETE & BATCHING PLANTS MOBILE SAND MAKING PLANTS​ MOBILE SAND MAKING PLANTS BEOMACH Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers, also known as SAND MAKING MACHINES, serve as tertiary stage crushers to achieve a high ratio of fine materials and provide a cubical shape to products from secondary crushers. Any type of material, particularly hard stones like basalt […]

BEO 120 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEO 120 MOBILE BEO 120 MOBILE CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS Beomach PMC120 120m3 mobile concrete batching plant is a versatile solution for large construction projects. To use this plant effectively, follow these steps: Optimal Positioning: Install the switchboard at the most accessible point and ensure all primary resources are in place for secure […]

BEO 100 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEO 100 MOBILE BEO 100 MOBILE CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEOMACH 100m3 mobile concrete batching plants are an exceptional choice for various construction needs. These versatile mobile concrete plants offer a range of advantages: Efficiency: Well-designed and high-quality 100m3 mobile concrete plants ensure efficient operations, leading to on-time project completion and cost savings. […]

BEO 100 Compact Concrete Batching Plants

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEO 100 COMPACT BEO 100 COMPACT CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS The Beomach BEO 100 is a compact concrete batching plant with a 100 m3/hour capacity, making it an ideal choice for concrete subcontractors, construction companies, and similar customers. This plant is designed for high-capacity concrete production, and it includes the following key components: […]

BEO 60 Compact Concrete Batching Plants

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEO COMPACT 60 BEO 60 COMPACT CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS The BEO 60 COMPACT, a high-quality 60 M3 compact concrete batching plant, offers numerous benefits: High Production Capacity: Quickly supplies concrete for large and complex construction projects. Efficient Construction: Technical features, including molds and pumps, streamline concrete pouring, increasing speed without sacrificing quality. […]

BEO 60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEO 60 MOBILE BEO MOBILE 60 CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS BEO MOBILE 60: Mobilizing Concrete Production for Large-Scale Projects BEO MOBILE 60 mobile concrete batching plants are engineered to cater to the concrete demands of large-scale construction projects. Their mobility and high production capacity make them versatile assets for various construction needs. Key […]