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Cement and Filler Elevator

ASPHALT PLANTS CEMENT AND FILLER ELEVATOR Cement and Filler Elevator The Cement and Filler Elevator by Beomach offers unparalleled capacity and durability, enhancing productivity and reducing operational costs. Primarily utilized in cement production, construction, and related sectors, it efficiently addresses vertical transportation needs for bulk materials. Installation is straightforward with our comprehensive manual and expert […]

Bucket Chain Elevator

ASPHALT PLANTS BUCKET CHAIN ELEVATOR Bucket Chain Elevator Introducing the Bucket Chain Elevator from Beomach—a revolutionary solution for material handling and conveying. Engineered to withstand diverse industrial demands, our elevator is the ultimate choice for lifting bulk materials vertically. Our elevator offers multipurpose functionality, catering to various sectors including mining, agriculture, construction, and food processing. […]

Twin Shaft Asphalt Mixers

ASPHALT PLANTS TWIN SHAFT ASPHALT MIXERS Twin Shaft Asphalt Mixers Our Twin Shaft Asphalt Mixers are meticulously engineered to deliver high-quality asphalt mixtures consistently. They are the preferred choice for asphalt production plants, construction projects, and road maintenance operations where reliable and efficient mixing is paramount. our Mixers excel in various applications, including base and […]

Asphalt Vibrating Screen

ASPHALT PLANTS ASPHALT VIBRATING SCREEN Asphalt Vibrating Screen Our Asphalt Vibrating Screen is optimizes the quality and performance of asphalt mixtures, guaranteeing exceptional results. Ideal for asphalt production plants, paving operations, and road construction projects, the Asphalt Vibrating Screen efficiently screens various asphalt materials, including aggregates, recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), and reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), […]

Hot Asphalt Storage Silos

ASPHALT PLANTS HOT ASPHALT STORAGE SILOS Hot Asphalt Storage Silos Our Hot Asphalt Storage Silos offer a dependable and efficient storage solution for hot asphalt materials across various asphalt production and construction applications. In this article, we delve into its features, applications, components, operation, installation, benefits, and what sets it apart from conventional storage systems. […]

Rotary Dryer – Efficient Drying

ASPHALT PLANTS ROTARY DRYER – EFFICIENT DRYING Rotary Drying – Effiecient Drying Our Rotary Dryer is meticulously crafted to deliver efficient and reliable drying for a wide array of materials. Ideal for industries like mining, chemical processing, agriculture, and manufacturing, it ensures precise and uniform drying essential for operations. With a broad range of applications […]

Thermal Fluid Oil Heater

ASPHALT PLANTS THERMAL FLUİD OİL HEATER Thermal Fluid Oil Heater Our Thermal Fluid Oil Heater is designed to deliver precise and efficient heat transfer using thermal fluid oil. It ensures consistent high-temperature heat for various industrial applications like oil and gas production, chemical manufacturing, and food processing. Suitable for heating reactors, heat exchangers, drying systems, […]

Reverse Flow Baghouse Filter

ASPHALT PLANTS REVERSE FLOW BAGHOUSE FILTER Reverse Flow Baghouse Filter Introducing Beomach’s state-of-the-art Reverse Flow Baghouse Filter, a pinnacle of air pollution control technology. Crafted with Beomach’s signature quality and innovation, this filter is tailored for industries like cement manufacturing and power plants, ensuring cleaner and safer work environments. The principal advantage of our Reverse […]

Containerised Bitumen Tank

ASPHALT PLANTS CONTAINERISED BITUMEN TANK Containerised Bitumen Tank Introducing Beomach’s Containerised Bitumen Tank, a revolutionary solution in compact storage. Reflecting Polygonmach’s dedication to quality and functionality, it’s a game-changer for industries like road construction and paving, where secure bitumen storage is paramount. Installation is seamless with our detailed guide and expert team, while maintenance focuses […]

Vertical Bitumen Tank

ASPHALT PLANTS VERTICAL BITUMEN TANK Vertical Bitumen Tank Introducing Beomach’s Vertical Bitumen Tank, an epitome of quality and functionality in industrial storage solutions. Designed specifically for bitumen and related materials, it underscores Beomach’s commitment to excellence in niche-specific applications. Ideal for sectors like road construction and paving, our Vertical Bitumen Tank maintains optimal bitumen temperature, […]